Project Moon – Innowacje i architektura dla przestrzeni

Jacques Rougerie Foundation „Innovationa and architecture for space” Award


I think, therefore I am.
This is the year 2959.
We live in imperfect world. We have already achieved everything that can be achieved and experienced everything that can be experienced. The nanochips, neurobiology, and all post-Newtonian physics ceased to handle the intensification of our bodies’ capabilities. We have reached the last stage of the evolution. Humankind can now be calculated, dismembered into natural numbers and all the variations of its actions with can be reduced to a couple of lines of the binary code. Finally we understood that we can only achive salvation thought destruction.
This is how we created the Neurohuman, a being not encumbered by the limited potential of our bodies – a physical manifestation of human thoughts.
Thanks to XX century achievements and discovery of DNA computers, we were able to create The Thought – a single quantum of human DNA which we send to the Postonkalo – a cave in the moon. There, it could freely evolve into
a Neurohuman.
The thoughts were forming themselves, constantly growing like a city build from neurons. That’s why we needed someone to shape it – a neuroarchect.

The time is elapsing. With concern and excitement we observe Neurohuman growing faster and faster, soon strong enough to break its crucible Postkonalo. The end will be spectacular. The last, 7th mass extinction is approaching.
Our own creation is coming to the Earth, we all are overgrowing with it. Our own thoughts are guzzling us.
I think, therefore I am not.